Darling West in Hamburg

Support for MADRUGADA

2022 APRIL 4TH

It was a great pleasure for me to get to know and portray this wonderful Norwegian band Darling West. Saw them supporting legendary Norwegian band MADRUGADA at Fabrik Hamburgon April 4th, 2022. Wonderful music from both bands, which reminded me of my dream country Norway with every song.


Sorry dears from Darling West, I have a small problem: my time management didn't work that well. I had assumed that I would be allowed to take pictures with my Nikon the whole time. This mistake has led to my pictures being a bit drummer-heavy. One more reason to portray you again (maybe also in Norway). And you have won a new lover of your wonderful music. Thank you and MADRUGADA for this special experience! 


Friday Sessions are back! At least we’re popping in with a little treat for you all. We were graced by one of the most amazing male voices in Norway, SIVERT HØYEM for this cover of the Jackson Browne masterpiece, Late for the Sky. When we found out that Sivert share our love for that album and Jackson Browne in general, we just had to give it a try. Thomas left the drums for a bit to play some piano, Christer finally got to play that Hofner bass he bought a while back, and Tor got the chance to be the guitar hero for once. Haha! What a great day!

Source Darlin West 

Sivert Høyem (Vocal, Guitar)

Darling West (Vocals, Guitars)

Thomas Gallatin (Piano)

Christer Gracia Slaaen (Bass)

Filmed by Nikolai Grasaasen


We made this dark and beautiful MADRUGADE ballad together with our musical family Christer, Silje and Thomas. In a way it fits today's mood. We can't wait to go on tour to support this wonderful band. 

Source: Darling West

After my time

Vinyl and a Heartache

First single from second album,

Video by Andreas Ulvo. 

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